A New Bay Bridge for a New Century

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I recently had the good fortune to tour the new Eastern span
of the Bay Bridge, and I thought I would share a few photos here. Though the
focus of this site is residential design, I think it is useful to occasionally
make note of other parts of our built environment that have had and will
continue to have a profound effect on the Bay Area. The Bay Bridge is one such

Completed in 1936, the Bay Bridge transformed the Bay Area
landscape both literally and figuratively. It greatly facilitated transit
between San Francisco and Oakland for both cars and trains (the lower deck was originally
reserved for rail traffic), and in so doing, encouraged the continued expansion
of the East Bay’s residential communities.

The bridge was an impressive engineering undertaking when it
was originally built, and the new span is equally impressive. The new
self-anchored suspension segment will be the largest suspension bridge of its
kind when complete. It is unusual because it is “self-anchored”, which is to
say, the suspension system is actually a single cable that begins on the
eastern side of the bridge, loops around the Western end of the bridge and
comes back to where it began. Traditional suspension systems consist of two
separate cables that are anchored on both ends into the earth.


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