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A Chance to Save the Central Coast’s Only Neutra

We are exceedingly sad to report that yet another exceptional Neutra structure is in peril. This one hits even closer to home for those of us in Northern California because it is right in our own backyard. Richard Neutra was … Continue reading

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Gordon Drake’s Unit House not so lost after all

We are always seeking out opportunities to spread a little holiday cheer this time of year, and to that end we are very pleased to announce that we have located Gordon Drake’s long lost East Bay Unit House. Drake is … Continue reading

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Last Call to Visit Ostwald’s South Branch Library Before it Disappears

As an unfortunate start to 2012, the City of Berkeley will be accepting bids on January 17th for the demolition and replacement of the South Branch Library. The library was designed by local Berkeley architect John Hans Ostwald and built … Continue reading

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Neutra’s Kronish House – A Rare Opportunity

It is exceedingly rare to be given the opportunity to stop the demolition or defacement of a structure of architectural importance. In the vast majority of cases the damage is done while the attentions of those who would protest are … Continue reading

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Influence on Bay Region Architects

  Though Frank Lloyd Wright was not a Bay Region architect in the strictest sense, the influence he exerted over a great number of designers who practiced here cannot be overstated. Wright did have a number of commissions in Northern … Continue reading

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Preservation Nightmare – Charles Moore’s Orinda Home Eaten by Oversized Ranch

I’m not sure how this was allowed to happen, but it appears that Charles Moore’s famous Orinda home was desecrated sometime in the last ten years. This small house, designed by Moore for himself and built in 1962, was considered … Continue reading

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